Measurable Marketing Intelligence

Vow Metron Solutions: Market Research & Analytics


Providing a road map for effective business, marketing, and sales plans. We are focused on helping companies grow by optimizing current resources and determining others needed. Our team will provide the tools and metrics to accomplish your vision.

Are you considering expanding or changing your sales territories? Maybe you are looking to review your overall go-to-market strategy. Our team has experience building sales plans for multiple channels and industries. We will build a plan or improve your current plans to realize the growth you are looking for.


We specialize in defining new markets or targeting growth markets for your products and services. We help put the tools in place to manage your customer information and capture additional leads in the markets that are opportunistic for your company. The market plan begins with research and intel and can also include messaging, branding, selling tools, etc.

Digital Marketing

We will review your current digital footprint and provide a recommendation for improvement. The digital plan begins with an effective website from the customer's view point and well optimized. The digital plan can also include gathering and organizing digital information for prospecting and building customer loyalty.
Growth Begins Here
Plant, Connect, Nurture
Business Plan

Need a business plan for investors or for planning purposes? We have created business plans for new start-ups as well as established companies. Product categories range from life sciences, health/medical, military, consumer goods, and industrial products.


Service Plan

Don't forget about services. We are specialized in identifying and/or repackaging services that your customers want. We can assist with identifying price points and providing competitive positioning.
Sales and Marketing Experience for Short or Long Term Projects

We provide a variety of marketing and sales functions beyond research, planning, and strategy. We also can assist with many tactical sales and marketing items. Many clients simply need ideas on where to begin.

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