Measurable Marketing Intelligence

Product Development

Gap Analysis

You provide your current product offering information and we will do the leg work to identify gaps in your offering as compared to current market requirements and competition. Gap analysis can also be performed to identify new requirements in the market place as an avenue for breakthrough or new product offerings.

VOC Study

Our VOC studies can be a combination of primary and secondary research. We can also recommend or provide sources for gathering first hand customer feedback. Keep in mind your current customer base is a great place to start. Our team will provide you the questionnaire for gathering intel. We can also deploy the survey and provide the summary of intelligence.

Product or Technology Road Maps

We can work with you to generate a road map for a single product or a whole product line. We can start fresh or start with your current product management tools. Either way in the end you will have a way to plan current investments as well as forecast for future investments for your product based on market demand for features and/or technology.