Measurable Marketing Intelligence

Service Plan

New Service Offerings

Are there potential services your customers are interested in that you are not offering? Vow Metron has experience helping companies locate new service ideas to offer their current customer base. These services can stand alone from your product offering or attach to your product offering.


Identifying new service options begins with research and VOC studies. If you are looking for a ground up offering than we can start there or provide direction on how to gather the necessary information. If you already have the intel than let's get started so you can leave your competition in the dust!

Expanding Current Service Offerings

Do you have a service offering and are looking to increase service sales or offer attachment services? We will provide the research and management tools to define your service direction. What is working with your current services and where are the potential gaps in your offering? What attracts my current customer base to these services so I can duplicate my wins?


Let's answer these questions to increase your service business.

My Product is Service

Often times when you are creating a service business model you are looking for a way to provide something tangible for your customer to encompass your service offering. We can help provide the packaging and presentation expertise to give your customers a PREMIER service product.

In some cases the product can be as simple as a regularly scheduled push report or more complex as remote management tools. It depends on what your service potential is. So let's talk more.