Measurable Marketing Intelligence

Service Categories

Services Listed Below
Companies often need assistance with a variety of services. We have provided some groups below to guide clients to a variety of tools. Click the title below to gather additional ideas.

Product Development

Are you considering a new product idea or just looking to expand a current one? We are a research firm that will provide the intel needed to help you make product decisions.

Product Support

Once you have your product development plan, we provide all the support you need to design and prepare the support tools such as sales training material, sales brochures, technical guides, installation manuals, etc.


New Business Concept

Our company has years of experience helping others determine if their business concept is on target or needs additional development. We have helped companies of all sizes with directional decisions. Don't hesitate to present your concept and we will put you on the right path!


Business Plan

Need a business plan for investors or for planning purposes? We have created business plans for new start-ups and as well as established companies. Product categories range from life-sciences, health/medical, military, consumer goods, and industrial products.


Service Plan

Don't forget about services. We are specialized in identifying and/or repackaging services that your customers want. We can assist with identifying price points and providing competitive positioning.